Artist’s statement about me and my dolls.


Dolls were very intimate friends and necessary amusement in my childhood. I used to design and make dolls by myself when I was a child, and always thought one day I could make a doll that looks life-like. However, years went by and my wish as a young girl was forgotten, but I still loved art in general. During that time, I went to an art university in Korea where I studied painting, sculpture, glass, and ceramic.

After I graduated from the university, I encountered the ball-jointed doll in 2003. At that moment, my desire for creating dolls was awoken. To me, the doll can be both toy and art, also the doll can look life-like and the ball-jointed doll better represents the articulation of the body for design concept, also giving it the ability to change and move and provide more poses of the doll. Since I began making dolls, I have created them by using the ball-jointed concept.

When I started creating ball-jointed dolls, I thought only to make a pretty doll, but as I continued, I wanted my dolls to be more realistic and represent more life-like characteristics and beauty. So as I grew and got better as an artist, my dolls became closer to what I wanted them to be. They became the passage for my artistic vision.

Until 2010, I had many exhibitions with ball-jointed doll projects and other artists. During that time I had various encounters and experiences with other doll artists.

Now I am focusing on making porcelain Bj-dolls.

My inspirations come from everything that surrounds me. While designing my dolls, I try to create them with their own unique character, and with of their own story. I feel joy and happiness during the creation, and viewing the completed doll makes me to keep creating dolls.